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Advantages of our service

The new way to acquire patients from the comfort of your office

Visibility of your profile

We are constantly working so that the doctiplus.com platform continues to be positioned on a larger scale in search engines, Google, Bing, Yahoo! etc.; This causes people with health problems to sign up and stay connected to find a doctor to help them solve their health problems.

Your profile page

You will have a web page of your profile that will be visible in search engines Google, Bing, Yahoo!, etc .; This will benefit you so that more patients contact you and know the location of your office, you will also have a greater reputation as a doctor and patients will have knowledge of your specialties.

Visits analytics

Thanks to the graphs, you will know in which sections your profile is most visited and the total visits to your profile, there are 4 sections: 1. section search by specialization, 2. section search by name, 3. section search by patient what schedule appointment with you. 4. web page section of your profile.

Interaction analytics

With the help of the graphs you will know how communicated you are with your patients through Doctiplus, you will know where you interact the most with your patients: tray messages, chats, video calls, physical appointments, virtual appointments and your total interactions.

Appointment calendar

In a web platform, the application for appointment calendar is basic, but we have extended the appointment calendar of up to one year of appointments with details of the description of your patients, you can also adjust the calendar by day, week and month, a modern calendar for your appointments with your patients.

Medical history

We have the section for capturing and saving the clinical history of your patients, you can search the clinical history by patient name or Folio number, we also add the export to .pdf and .doc so that you can view and print the clinical history from anywhere in where is.


We have prescription capture and download for your patients in .pdf, you can send the prescription to the patient directly from the Doctiplus application, you can also search for the prescription by patient name or folio number.

Patient list

We have a patient list section where you can consult the patients who have scheduled an appointment with you according to the date and time you specify. You will also be able to check how many times they have scheduled an appointment and how many times they have seen your profile.

Email inbox

Clearly the email inbox is essential to keep in touch with your patients, in your tray you can see the messages of all patients interested in your profession and you can give continuity to patients who have already scheduled an appointment with you.

Virtual appointments

Virtual appointments are appointments by video call in which you can attend to your patients, patients cannot schedule an appointment with you if they do not pay you, payment is made with PayPal, you can give a prescription to your patients with the help of the section prescriptions medicals, Doctiplus charges a 10% commission per virtual appointment.

Google Maps

You will have a Google map to save the location of your office, this will help patients to easily find your office thanks to Google technology.

Photos of your office

You can upload up to 5 images of your office, which will be visible on: your profile web page, the specialty search section, and the name search section. Thanks to the photos of your office, the number of consultations you will get and your reputation as a specialized doctor will increase.

Doctora atendiendo a un paciente

Pay for physical appointments

The first 31 days get physical appointments totally free.

After: Total price $ 11.00 USD..

Payment for every 25 physical appointments obtained

Note: You pay nothing until you get results.

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