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Schedule Your Appointment Now, Buyer Protection Guaranteed

Advantages of our service

The new way to schedule appointments and stay in touch with your doctor

Appointment schedule

With our appointment calendar you can schedule appointments of up to one year, when you schedule your appointment the doctor will receive a notification of your appointment so that he is pending to attend you.

Medical history

You can see the history of all your previous appointments, you can also contact the doctor directly through a message. as well as reschedule the appointment directly.


Thanks to our prescription app, the doctor can deliver a prescription electronically.

List of your doctors

We have the My Doctors section where the doctors with whom you have already scheduled an appointment and a direct access to keep in touch with your preferred doctor will be available.

Email inbox

In the email inbox you will be able to see the messages that your doctor sent you, likewise you will receive notifications to your email each time your doctor sent you a message.

Virtual appointments

Virtual appointments are appointments by video call, you can make a video call to your doctor to obtain medical assistance, you have payment reimbursement in case the doctor is unable to attend you.

Video call history

In this section you can see the record of answered and unanswered video calls, as well as an email notification each time you receive a video call from your doctor.


Access to chat with any doctor, schedule the time and day of the chat and pay with PayPal, you have a refund of payment in case the doctor does not manage to attend you.

Buyer protection guaranteed by PayPal

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