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Health topics mentioned by medical specialists.

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Although the most common is hepatitis B, it is a known disease that affects the liver. Its cause can be infectious, toxic, immune. There are classes of this disease for "A, B, C".


Known as "Flu or Influenza" It is a very common disease especially in children, it attacks the respiratory tract, it is similar to a cold and it brings fever as a characteristic sign and it is very contagious.

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Liver diseases.

If a person eats a lot of foods rich in fat, sugar and alcohol, his liver can deteriorate. Our liver fights the most dangerous toxins we ingest, which is why liver cancer is very strong and painful.

Dental caries.

Believe it or not, it is one of the most common, it destroys the formation of teeth, when it is at a certain degree of infection, the pain it causes is very unbearable, also when drinking hot or cold drinks.

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Cheerful female doctor


This occurs because an increase in blood glucose levels is created, the body does not release enough insulin (a substance responsible for regulating blood sugar values) or because it does not use it correctly. This creates a lot of disorder in our body, destroys vital organs and tissues in our body..


It is a disease found in the respiratory system, it is caused by inflammation of the airways. People with this disease usually help themselves to breathe with an inhaler..

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